In Finland we pride ourselves on
the quality of our products as a nation.
To achieve this we use the best raw materials, the state of the art machinery, highly qualified engineers and the most highly qualified operators, together with the most strict multi-step quality control measures possible.

Axial pressing
Visual control
Isostatic pressing
Integrated stereo viewer inspection. Parameters recording in accordance with ISO
Product marking
Visual control
Presinterization in programmable
ceramic ovens
Final Packaging
The production chain starts with yttrium-stabilized ultimate nano-disperse zirconium dioxide powder made by TOSOH company (Japan).

This powder is weighed on high precision analytical scale and is transferred to special containers for an axial press measuring hoppers feed.

Various types of powders are mixed in order to obtain the standard 16 shades of VITA for our products. Mixing is carried out on a programmable bench according to a technology developed on the basic of the TOSOH company's recommendations.

Mixed powder undergoes axial pressing on a special axial press according to a program developed specifically for each powder mix composition. The obtained products are moved by a linear manipulator to the preliminary control station.

At the preliminary control stage, the products undergo weight parameters measurement and visual control for an absence of crack and mechanical damages. Non-defective items are vacuumed in a specialized technical film, placed on special pallet and moved on stacker carts to the isostatic pressing area.

After isostatic pressing, the products undergo presinterization process in special programmable high precision ceramic ovens with computer control optimized programs created for each batch to achieve a best possible result.

Presinterized products are then milled to specifications at a CNC turning and milling center.

Products are then brought to the final control area where comprehensive control of output parameters is performed using special optical equipment and those parameters are recorded for every individual batch. It considers the type, grade and batch of the starting material, the mixture composition and preparation method, sintering temperature and other parameters that are recorded in an inspection certificate that is stored in a digital format as well as a backup hardcopy for 15 years, the useful life of the final product (a dental restoration).

Finally all the products that have passed our final quality control are marked on a special printer that applies a solvent ink of our logo type, the products physical dimensions and type, the source material batch number and the manufacture date, as well as a special parameter of material volumetric shrinkage coefficient that must be taken into account during subsequent milling of dental restoration according to the CAD/CAM technology. The volumetric shrinkage coefficient is calculated on the grounds of the results of processing the linear parameters of a reference sample having a special shape that is cut out of one unit in every batch. The products undergo a burning cycle up to the tetragonal form of the zirconium dioxide powder sintering in a special laboratory oven according to a preset program and then measured with a micrometer.

Every unit produced is now individually packed and marked with a quality control seal of Elers Medical. The quality of our product speaks for itself and our name is the one you can trust.
The production chain starts with yttrium-stabilized ultimate nano-disperse zirconium dioxide powder made by TOSOH company (Japan)
Reference sample cutting and turning center parameters calculation
In our manufacturing process we use an ultimate nano-disperse powder by TOSOH Japan, the best powder on the global market, allowing us to create the highest quality zirconium dioxide CAD/CAM Disks. Our manufacturing facilities are in constant contact with TOSOH Japan specialists to further increase the quality at every given opportunity. All the products are manufactured using state of the art high-tech equipment custom made under our specifications and have no comparable counterparts in Europe. This guarantees consistent output resulting in a premium quality product for each and every unit we make.
Precise quality controls system at every stage of the manufacturing process in accordance with ISO 9001 and 13485 ensures that there are no defective end products.
These disks come in diameter ranging from 95 to 98.5 mm and thickness from 10 to 24 mm.
We are proud to mark our products with a registered trade mark of "Elers Medical AB".
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