ELERS MEDICAL® European-made INDURATE® dental CAD/CAM zirconia blanks are made 100% from yttria-stabilized Japanese TOSOH nano-zirconia – the finest medical zirconia available in the world. All products are fully biocompatible and are CE marked Medical Devices. INDURATE® product range covers multilayer and single layer zirconia blanks to fit all types of dental restorations from single crowns up to 16-unit bridge constructions, and even for replacing titanium. Download our product catalogue below and find out more.
Nordic leader in CAD/CAM Zirconia materials
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Product Range
INDURATE® zirconia blanks come in 95 mm and 98.5 mm diameter and a wide range of thicknesses, which makes them compatible with all dental industry milling and sintering machinery. The products can also be used with any paint or glaze meant for zirconium dioxide.
Multilayer CAD/CAM discs
INDURATE® multilayer products consist of two to three layers of zirconia with either different color or translucency value.
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Single layer CAD/CAM discs
INDURATE® single layer zirconia blanks are ideal for any dental technician used to working with paint to achieve a natural finish.
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Application Table
Product Comparison
Which model is best for you?

• All-in-one solution of CT
• Universal practicality of ET
• Aesthetics superiority of HT
• Super strength of TZ
• Cost savings of T

Here is a simple comparison chart for your convenience.

Blanks specification:
ZrO2 units with color shades as per VITA scale and BL
ISO 6872: 2015 Dental Ceramics classification
HT - Class 4 type II
ET, CT, T, TZ - Class 5 type II
Medical Device Class IIa